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Something Blue: A Photo Shoot Dream with a Stellar Team

Behind the Mirror: A Journey Into Authentic Beauty with Paje Honor

a redhead model wearing a light blue gown

Something Blue Photo Shoot - Photos by Courtney Michaud

This year, I embarked on a journey to push my creative boundaries by envisioning a series of stunning monochromatic editorials. Partnering with incredible vendors, I aimed (and am still aiming) to bring these visions to life. Among these exceptional collaborators, one constant presence stood out: Samantha Nan, the exceptionally talented owner and lead stylist of Fae & Folk Florals. Together, we're making out way through the rainbow and creating magic for everyone to enjoy!

With a focus on highlighting one colour at a time, I set out to create these breathtaking photo shoots. This approach not only showcases Sam's extraordinary floral design skills but also demonstrates how people can reintroduce vibrant hues into their lives and/or events. Together, we aim to inspire and captivate, showing the world the beauty and impact of colour through our work.

Floral design by Fae & Folk Florals - Photos by Courtney Michaud

As wedding vendors in North America, we often find ourselves surrounded by palettes of white, off-white, beige, champagne, and rose gold (see where I'm going here?). While these colours/shades undoubtedly create beautiful events and weddings, I wanted to infuse my world with as much colour as possible! Our latest editorial, titled "Something Blue," features an enchanting array of muted smokey blues, baby blues, and hints of periwinkle and sky. The luxurious textures of billowing fabrics and decor provided by Gala Decor set the perfect backdrop in the majestic space of The Hilton Niagara. Ethereal floral installations and bouquets by Fae & Folk Florals add a touch of romance and whimsy, while delicate blue butterflies added an extra dash of wonder to the scene.

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This year marks my debut as a Creative Director and I embraced a cutting-edge approach to planning and executing these editorials by using AI to create my mood boards. It has been a surreal experience to transform my thoughts and visualizations into AI-generated images and then witness an incredible team of talented individuals exceed my expectations and bring those visions to life.

ai generated photos of blue themed decor

Ai created images by Paje Honor

Our model, Avalon, looked absolutely stunning in blue-toned gowns provided by the wonderful team at Marilee's Bridal in Font Hill, ON. They were incredibly supportive and eager to participate, lending us a breathtaking ice blue wedding gown that perfectly embodied our theme. I am deeply grateful for their contribution.

Avalon, our extraordinary model, felt like a destined addition to our shoot. Her fiery orange hair provided a striking contrast to the blue hues, enhancing the overall aesthetic. But beyond her beauty, Avalon has an inspiring story. At age 16, she was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disorder called Anti-NMDA Receptor Encephalitis and was given days to live. Now, at 27, she radiates joy and inspiration despite living with the complex challenges of her condition, including poor balance, a paralyzed right side, and constant double vision. Avalon's determination and spirit in pursuing her modeling career made her the perfect choice for this shoot, and she exceeded all expectations. By casting and embracing models with diverse abilities, we aim to create a more inclusive fashion industry that celebrates all individuals. This approach not only enriches our creative projects but also contributes to a broader cultural shift towards acceptance and appreciation of diversity in all its forms.

Model Avalon, Photographed by Courtney Michaud

A special part of these editorials includes my incredibly talented pal Amanda Mae, owner and stylist of Ms. Mae's Co.. Amanda is an exceptional Indigenous bead artist and creator based in the Niagara Region, and I say this as a proud collector of her earrings and other beaded treasures. For this editorial, Amanda graciously crafted multiple pairs of custom blue beaded earrings. When I unboxed them for the team to see, they were all speechless! Each piece was a perfect accessory for the day, showcasing Amanda's extraordinary craftsmanship and attention to detail. I am always in awe of her artistry, and her contributions added an exquisite touch to our vision.

If you are looking to purchase your own set of earring from Amanda, check out her creations here!

Custom Beaded Earrings by Ms. Mae's Co.

Finally, I must shine the brightest spotlight on one of the most creative, unique, and talented photographers I know: Courtney Michaud. Without Courtney, my creative vision would not have materialized so beautifully. She is a true artist, both in her photography and her editing style, seamlessly bringing my vision to life. I am profoundly grateful for her contributions and the artistry she brought to our project.

Photography by Courtney Michaud

Through this journey, I have realized the power of colour, collaboration, and creativity, and how each of these things brings joy to my life. Our "Something Blue" editorial is more than just a photoshoot; it's a testament to the magic that happens when passionate people come together to create something truly beautiful. We hope you enjoy the eye candy, and will follow each of us on social media to see what else we're up to!

With love and brushes,

Paje Honor



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