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Photography Lessons for Hair & Makeup Professionals

When I first started out as a professional Hairstylist and Makeup Artist 17 years ago, I'd rely heavily on Photographers to send me images of my work for my portfolio. I'd send out emails to my brides asking them to send over any photos they received that showcased my handy-work, hoping that there were some close-up shots of the styles I created. Of course it's still so amazing to receive images from my clients and the many Photographers I've met throughout my career, and I am forever grateful that we're able to share these beautiful images in our portfolio. As an artist, having the ability to take eye-catching photographs of my work with my phone has given me the freedom to showcase my skills on my own terms, as frequently as I need to. I share my hairstyles and makeup looks at the angles I want, in the poses I want, with the lighting that works best for me. 

If you're a professional Hairstylist or Makeup Artist, you know the importance of showcasing your work online for potential clients to see. You may also notice that some photos will showcase your work better than others, and that a lack in the quality and composition of an image has the potential to inadequately showcase your true talent as an artist. This is why I've decided to offer 1:1 and small group lessons on taking professional hair and makeup photos for your portfolio!

During your lesson I'll go over everything you need to know when it comes to taking "Instagram worthy images":


- Lighting (natural light and ring light)

- Angles and posing your clients

- Cropping and photo composition

- Choosing an ideal background to take your images

- Option to have Paje give constructive feedback and guidance on your current online portfolio

- Practice what you've learned on a model

- Learn Paje's trusted and subtle editing techniques and favourite apps to enhance your images!

- Bonus! Learn how to create IG reels/stories to showcase your work!

Who better to show you how to take photos of your work like a pro, than a fellow Hairstylist and Makeup Artist who also happens to be a professional Photographer!

xo Paje Honor

Hourly rates (minimum 2 hours) starting at $90.00 + HST per hour for 1:1 lessons and $75.00 +HST per hour for group lessons.

Certificate of Completion for Artists who complete 4 hours of training with Paje.

Lessons are based in Niagara, otherwise travel fees apply.

Send us a message for more info!

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