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Have a question? You've come to the right place! Click on each question and a scroll-down answer will be revealed. We'll be adding to this list often, so feel free to check back at a later date if you like!

  • I like what I see, now how do I get my hands on your prices?
    Yay, we're so excited you're ready for the next steps! We've created a stunning 9 page pdf information package that includes all of our package options and prices. Fill out our contact form at the base of our homepage to request yours now!
  • What's the best way to get in touch?
    Email is always the best way to reach us! By filling out our contact form at the bottom of our website, your details will automatically be sent to our inbox so that we can keep everyone's information organized and accounted for! Email also allows my amazing assistant Erika to stay on track with timely responses instead of me having to relay countless texts to her throughout the day. With the overwhelming volume of DM's, texts, and phone calls we receive, it's unrealistic for us to manage these in a timely manor and sometimes your details get lost in the process (ever try scrolling through months worth of dm's for a single piece of info? It's not fun). If you do prefer a phone chat with us to ask some questions, we'd be more than happy to accommodate! Please email us with a few dates and times you're free and we'll schedule in a complimentary phone consult!
  • I'm waiting for you to respond to my email, how long does it take to receive a response?
    Our amazing assistant Erika is usually in the office responding to emails Monday-Thursday. She is our virtual assistant, meaning she does not physically work out of our Niagara based home office and also has other companies she assists for other than Honor Beauty. That being said, we usually respond within 2 business days NOT including Friday, Saturday or Sunday. If you send us an email on a Thursday for example, you will likely hear from us on a Tuesday. Sometimes we respond quickly if there isn't an influx of emails, but sometimes it takes longer and we always appreciate your patience with us, especially during our very busy wedding season (April through to November). If you have an emergency question or a change to your scheduled services and it's getting close to your big day, please text Paje directly and she'll respond as soon as she can. If it's been longer than 2 business days since you've heard from us, you are welcome to send us a quick text with your name/wedding date/email address so that we can look into it asap and send you a response.
  • Do you have a minimum or maximum number of services needed in order for us to book?
    We're happy to provide our services to any size group or individual, no matter how small or large your event may be! We offer no minimums for bookings within the Niagara Region only. Bookings outside of the Niagara Region require a minimum of 8 services to book. For example: 4 people each needing hair and makeup OR 8 people needing hair only OR 6 people needing hair + 2 people needing makeup, etc. Single client bookings within Niagara may be scheduled at our Niagara Falls home-studio, otherwise travel fees will apply. Specific rates for 2 people or less will apply. Please inquire to receive our full information package including all prices.
  • I'm ready to book, what's next?
    We're so excited you're ready to book the Honor Beauty team for your special event or wedding day! In order to secure artists for your date, location, and time slot, we require a 50% retainer (aka down payment) and signed contract, done electronically. We currently accept credit card, e-transfer, and cash as methods of payment and use Square as our payment processor. The remaining balance is due the week before your event date. Tips can be given to your artists on the date of service if you desire.
  • Do I need a Hair/Makeup Trial?
    Honestly? It's completely up to you! From our experience, approximately 60-70% of clients book a trial before their wedding day. There are many reasons why a trial isn't necessary or possible - maybe you live too far away, your schedule doesn't allow for one, your hair/makeup looks are super simple and you trust our work already, it's an elopement, or you just don't want one. Whatever the reason for not booking a trial, just know that the Honor Beauty team is confident in creating your look without one. We do recommend booking a trial with us if your hairstyle or makeup look is complex or difficult to create, if you're not 100% sure what looks you want to go with, your hair and/or skin is difficult to manage or sensitive to product, or if you're an anxious person who finds comfort in nailing the look ahead of time (we are here to put your mind at ease and totally understand where you're coming from!). Trials are typically 1.5-2 hours in length and are located at Paje's home studio in Niagara Falls, ON. During the trial we can complete the following: 1 hair style and 1 makeup application OR 2 hair styles OR 2 makeup looks. Any additional looks will need to be scheduled as an additional trial. It's typically the bride only who books a trial, but we are open to booking trials for anyone in the party who wants one (based on our availability).
  • Can I book my hair/makeup Preview (trial) on a weekend?
    Short answer: No Long answer: We understand that many people work mon-fri 9am-5pm and only have weekends available for their preview appointment. Unfortunately we are usually not capable of accommodating trials on weekends due to the fact that we are fully booked with weddings (and trust us, you don't want us to perform your trial after we've been working 4 hours at a wedding. We're usually tired, sore, and ready for a nap when we get home). That being said, we do have more flexibility and availability for trials/previews on weekends during our off-season (late November until early March) and you are more than welcome to request a weekend appointment during those months. Just note that if a wedding booking comes in, we will need to reschedule your trial for a new date. Weddings always take priority. Thanks for understanding!
  • What does your team need to set up at our location?
    An ideal set up space will include the following: Natural light (put us near the windows!), lots of table space (dining rooms are always a fan fave!), chairs for you, the client to sit it that give us clear access to your hair (bonus points if you have taller bar stools for makeup - we will love you forever!), working power and plug outlets (we bring extension cords), music (get the good vibes pumpin' early!), no spaces that are too small/crowded or poorly ventilated (no bathrooms or dark basements please), and if it's a hot summer day - fans or A/C are always appreciated! We understand that we can't always have everything on the list, but please let us know ahead of time if there are limitations or concerns so we can prepare ourselves as needed. We can bring extra lighting if needed, but a great artist knows that natural light is far superior for creating a perfect makeup look!
  • What is considered "within the Niagara Region" for your no travel fees rule?
    The Following cities do not have travel fees for on-location services unless it's a single client booking: - Niagara Falls - Niagara-on-the-Lake - St David's - St Catharines - Chippawa - Welland - Thorold
  • What are your travel fees for bookings outside of the Niagara Region?
    We charge a travel fee of $1.00 per kilometre ($1/km) one way only, for cities outside the designated region that are also within a 2 hour radius of Niagara Falls. For example: Jordan, Beamsville, Hamilton. All other locations outside of the 2 hour radius will be charged our travel fee for both directions.
  • Do we receive a lip product with our makeup application?
    If you've selected Paje as your lead artist, she will provide the bride only with a full size lip product. Lips will always be applied by your artist, but our artists will not provide everyone in your wedding party with a take-away lip product. We recommend each person bring their own lip stick or gloss for touch-ups throughout the night as it's the only thing that will come off due to eating and drinking.
  • How much for False Lashes?
    We always include our false lashes in our makeup prices! We have a range of lashes (usually 3-4 styles on hand per artist) to choose from that range from very natural, to super glam. If you bring your own lashes, we charge a fee of $10 to apply them for you.
  • Are all of your products cruelty-free, vegan, and gluten-free?
    All Honor Beauty artists use only cruelty-free hair and makeup brands while working for the team. This does not mean that all products are vegan. If you require 100% vegan hair and makeup please let us know in your initial inquiry so that we can inform your artist(s) and they can prepare their kits accordingly. We also have the ability to cater to gluten intolerant clients and people with celiac disease. We must be informed prior to signing your contract for these requests.
  • What happens if my artist(s) is/are sick?
    We understand that unforeseen circumstances can arise, and we're committed to ensuring your experience remains seamless. If your artist(s) is/are unable to fulfill their commitment due to illness, worry not! We have a large team of talented artists ready to step in. Finding a replacement artist is our responsibility, not yours. Rest assured, we'll promptly notify you of any changes and match you with an equally skilled artist from our amazing team. In the rare event that we can't find a replacement internally, we'll extend our search to our broader community of artists in the region. If, despite our efforts, a suitable replacement cannot be arranged, we'll issue a full refund. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we're dedicated to ensuring your experience with us is nothing short of exceptional.

Can't find the answer you're looking for? Fill out our contact form with your question(s) here to help us improve your experience!

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