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Someone Called the Health Inspectors on Me...

Here's why it was the Best Thing For my Business!

Niagara health inspected makeup artist

Hello, cherished readers, and welcome back to the enchanting world of Honor Beauty! I know I've been absent on the blog front for a wee bit, but duty calls and our amazingly jam-packed wedding season always takes priority. Today, we embark on a journey that might raise eyebrows, but trust us when we say it paved the way for a great triumph. So get your hand sanitizer out and join us as we share the remarkable story of how an unexpected twist of someone calling the health inspectors on me led us to a profound transformation, setting us apart in the realm of mobile and home-based wedding hair and makeup.

The Unanticipated Call:

Imagine being in the thick of wedding season, helping beautiful humans look and feel gorgeously confident on their special emerging with every brushstroke. In the midst of this creative crescendo, an unexpected email could have turned our world upside down. Someone had drawn the attention of health inspectors towards us, prompting a visit that would soon redefine our path. Emotions ranged from surprise to cautious concern, but little did we know, this was the moment that would herald a new era for Honor Beauty.

A Blend of Mobile Artistry:

Honor Beauty is not just a name; it's an embodiment of passion and artistry that has spanned over 9 years as a registered business (and 17 years as a pro artist). As a mobile wedding hair and makeup company, we create magic on-location for 95% of our clients, while the remaining 5% are treated to the canvas of our charming studio. Each day is a testament to love, creativity, and the pursuit of beauty, and we are so honoured (tehe) to be of service to our clients.

A Studio Touched by Inspectors:

As the health inspector knocked on our door, an element of surprise morphed into a catalyst for growth. We now proudly stand as one of the only mobile wedding beauty businesses in the Niagara Region to possess a health-inspected home studio. This certification isn't just a badge; it's a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence. With this accreditation, we're cultivating an environment of trust that resonates with our clients, reaffirming their choice in us.

Trust, Reputation, and Setting Ourselves Apart:

The incident wasn't just a challenge; it was an invitation to redefine our standards. Trust is the cornerstone of our relationships with clients, and now, with the health inspector's nod of approval, that trust has deepened. Clients can now witness our dedication to their well-being and the quality of our services firsthand. This is more than a certificate; it's a promise that each touch and every stroke is backed by meticulous care.

Alchemist of Energy:

As I reflect on this turn of events, I realize that I'm the kind of person who can receive any type of energy—be it good or bad—and transform it into a positive experience. Just like an alchemist, I take every element that comes my way and transmute it into something valuable and enriching. This incident has reinforced my belief that challenges can be stepping stones to growth and empowerment.

What began as an unexpected email transformed into a beacon of opportunity. As we continue to craft beauty and weave dreams through the art of hairstyling and makeup artistry, we embrace this journey as a testament to our dedication and craft. We extend our gratitude to every soul who trusts us to be part of their special day, and we promise to uphold that trust with every step we take.

Thank you for being part of this transformative chapter. Stay tuned for more tales of love, beauty, and artistry as Honor Beauty continues to paint the world with grace, trust, and beauty.

A Special Thanks:

To whomever called the Health Inspector and for whatever reasons you felt necessary, thank you for enabling us to evolve into an even more trusted and reputable business. Thank you for unintentionally bringing more clients our way, for helping us stand apart from so many other artists in the region, and for pushing me to always strive to be the best version of myself and what I have to offer my amazing clients. It may not have been your intention to help us grow and succeed, but it's what will inevitably happen and for that I thank you greatly.

With love and (very sanitized) brushes, Paje Honor


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