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De-influencers: Reshaping the beauty industry by advocating for mindful consumption

Behind the Mirror: A Journey into Authentic Beauty with Paje Honor

Makeup Artist Kit and Makeup brushes

In today's beauty landscape, the pressure to keep up with the latest trends is overwhelming, fueled by glossy advertisements and enticing influencer promotions. However, amidst this whirlwind of consumerism, there's a powerful alternative: embracing mindful beauty and de-influencing our purchasing habits.

As a professional makeup artist, I'll be the first to admit that the overconsumption of beauty products not only strains my finances but also harms the environment. Excessive packaging, single-use plastics, and harmful chemicals contribute to pollution and waste. By mindlessly purchasing products we don't need, we perpetuate this cycle, sacrificing sustainability for fleeting trends. Let's be real, who actually needs seven different tinted moisturizers or mascaras!?

The financial burden of keeping up with influencer-endorsed products adds up quickly. Influencers, often sponsored by brands, create an illusion of necessity around new releases, leading us to believe we must own every item they promote in order for our makeup routine to remain relevant. However, this mindset is not only unrealistic but also unsustainable.

It's time to reclaim control over our beauty routines by de-influencing our purchasing decisions and embracing mindful consumption. Instead of succumbing to the pressure to own every trendy product, let's focus on purchasing with purpose. By prioritizing quality over quantity and investing in multipurpose products and mindful brands that align with our needs, we can reduce waste and save money.

De-influencers play a significant role in reshaping the beauty industry by advocating for mindful consumption, self-expression, and embracing imperfection. De-influencers promote authenticity and individuality, they encourage their followers to reject the notion that worth is tied to material possessions or external validation.

At its core, being a de-influencer means embracing authenticity and self-awareness, all while being mindful of our consumption of products. De-influencers challenge the culture of consumerism by promoting inclusivity, sustainability, and conscious consumerism.

For me, embracing mindful beauty and de-influencing our purchasing habits allows us to prioritize sustainability, save money, and reclaim control over our beauty routines. Let's challenge the culture of excess and opt for a simpler, more intentional approach to beauty. By doing so, we can create a more harmonious relationship with ourselves, our wallets, and the planet, while also redefining beauty on our own terms. Let's join the movement and become agents of change in the pursuit of true beauty and self-empowerment!

Here are some things to consider when making a purchasing decision:

  1. Is their packaging minimalistic or sustainable?

  2. Do they sell refills instead of purchasing the entire package over again?

  3. Do they give back to their community in any way?

  4. Are they cruelty-free or have vegan options?

  5. Do they have a small line of products vs. coming out with products all the time?

  6. Do I often see their products being used in paid partnerships with well-known beauty influencers?

  7. Do their products include harmful ingredients?

  8. Are they a small-owned brand vs. being owned by a larger corporation?

  9. What is the brands mission or their "why"?

With love and brushes,

Paje Honor

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