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Boudoir Photography

For me, boudoir photography is so much more than taking sexy pictures for clients. I am a self taught professional photographer, who loves working one on one with my clients. It's led me on a photography path that focuses more on small groups and individual clients, such as portrait, branding, products, lifestyle, intimate weddings, and finally my true passion: boudoir. 

As a plus-size woman, I've always had confidence in myself; contrary to what society has told me. I've known since my early teenage years that I am beautiful, sexy, and empowering in my own unique way. I know that my physical appearance and size has nothing to do with how confident I can be. Boudoir photography allows me to build and amplify the self-love, acceptance, confidence and personal evolution that lives within each of my clients. Being a photographer who works in such an intimate and vulnerable setting isn't something that just any photographer can do (or wants to do!), so I feel extremely grateful that my energy allows others to feel comfortable enough to reach out and invite me to share my skills with them. It's so satisfying to provide beautiful images for clients, that end up also changing the way they think about themselves on a deeper, more internal level.

I offer two boudoir packages (super easy and uncomplicated!)

- My 30 minute session includes: 20 edited high resolution image files, posing guidance, insight on what to bring and how to prepare, and a private gallery (stays active for 1 month) in order for you to download your images with privacy and comfort. Investment $222.00 +hst


- My 60 minute session includes: 45 edited high resolution image files, posing guidance, insight on what to bring and how to prepare, up to 4 different looks/outfits, and private gallery (also active for 1 month). Investment $369.00 +hst

- Hair and/or makeup services may be added to your session. Hair or makeup only is $125.00 +hst. Hair & Makeup Package is $200.00 +hst. False lashes & application is $15.00 +hst. Please note that your beauty appointment will require an additional 40-90 minutes before your boudoir session.

- Boudoir Albums are available upon request and will range in cost depending on the cover finish and number of pages in your book. Prices start at $250 +hst (and shipping for clients outside of the Niagara Region) for a 20 page 6x8in book with faux leather cover.

Visit our home page and fill out our contact section at the bottom of the page to inquire!

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