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About Paje Honor

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Hey there, thank you so much for taking a moment to read about who I am and why I decided to start HONOR | beauty, inside & out! I'm a 40-year-old mom to my awesome 15-year-old son Preston. He is the reason why I work so hard at pursuing my dreams of becoming the best artist, business owner, and mentor that I can be. Showing him how important following your dreams is as well as demonstrating hard-work and compassion towards others is one of the many perks to having kids and running your own small business (not to mention having a built-in makeup assistant in a few years!). I also have an incredibly supportive, funny, and loving partner Jake who is an amazing cook and best friend!


I'm super passionate about makeup artistry and hair design and have found a way to do what I absolutely love for a living while helping people look and feel beautiful from the outside, in! I am truly blessed to have met thousands of clients over the years. My goal as an artist is to provide the absolute best services possible to my clients while making ethical choices about the products I am using. HONOR is my way of providing those exceptional hair and makeup applications to people across Ontario and beyond! Owning a heart-centered and inclusive business and sharing my abilities to create a calm and positive atmosphere with others is something I hold near and dear to my heart. It's who I am and I'm happy my clients see these qualities in my team and I as well!


I graduated top of my class at the renowned School of Makeup Art, in Toronto, ON in 2005/06 and have been perfecting my skills ever since! Always keeping up with the latest trends and product formulations, I am able to cater to every persons needs no matter how big or small! I am also a makeup mentor/instructor, teaching aspiring hair and makeup artists in one-on-one or small group settings in order to provide them with the keys to starting a successful, heart-centered business in the beauty and wellness industry!

Another fun fact about me is that I'm also an intuitive empath, and have finally mustered up enough courage to offer my gifts and guidance to anyone who is in need of a gentle nudge into their best life! I specialize in Tarot, Human Design (get your free chart here, and message me if you're interested in learning more!), one-on-one coaching and guidance, as well as workshops on creating your dream business in the beauty industry. Visit my website for these services here.


Send me a message via the Contact Section for more information on our beauty services and availability!

About Honor Beauty

HONOR Beauty is one of Niagara's only mobile makeup and hair companies to offer vegan and 100% cruelty-free beauty options to wedding, special event and commercial clients. We create flawless makeup and hairstyles for people of all ages and backgrounds. Paje specializes in creating a flawless but natural looking face, false eyelash applications, and has a respectable following in the vegan/mindful consumer side of the wedding industry.  

HONOR Beauty is also a company that supports equal rights and is a proud part of the 2SLGTBQIA+ community. All you need is Love!


Our goal as a mobile makeup and hair company is to provide each client with incomparable beauty services. Our team of professional hair and makeup artists are highly trained and experienced professionals who are here to provide each client with flawless makeup and hair services. We also understand that exceptional customer service is needed to enjoy the experience as a whole and are focused on delivering a relaxing, stress-free beauty experience to every client who sits in our chair. 


At HONOR, we strive to ensure satisfaction with each experience and understand that you are trusting us to provide a service that requires skill and professionalism. Everyone is unique and requires a special one-of-a-kind experience as opposed to a "cookie-cutter" hair or makeup application and we are here to do just that!

We are here to make you feel comfortable with our team and our talents. We strive to ensure that you are confident in our techniques as well as the products we use to create a flawless makeup application or hairstyle that will last all day and into the night!


Watching the reaction of our clients as they look at themselves in the mirror for the first time with a smile on their face is a gift that each of you shares with us. We are blessed to be able to take part in such a special moment for each of you and would like to thank you for your continued support and interest in our services!

If you'd like to meet our team, click here!

Honor Beauty
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