For clients with May-Oct 2021 weddings:


Unfortunately we are not allowed by law to provide makeup services until we enter either Yellow or Green zones. We can however provide half face makeup in Orange zones (includes under eyes, eyes, lashes, brows, and forehead). This information is new according to local covid regulations and we are including this update to all of our May-Oct 2021 Brides in case you are faced with the dilemma of keeping/changing your makeup services on our contract together. 

We wouldn't be able to provide you with a trial until we enter the Yellow zone and have no way of knowing when this will be. You have the option to remove this service if needed and take the down payment amount for that service and use it to pay the balance of your other services. If you wish to keep the trial and hope for the best possible outcome, we encourage you to keep an eye out on when the Niagara Region reaches the Yellow zone and to send us an email to book your trial asap, based on your availability. We aren't able to reach out to every client waiting on a possible trial date due to the fact that we are facing an extremely large number of possible postponements and cancellations still this year. We greatly appreciate your continued communication and understanding as we navigate this unchartered territory together. It means so much to us!



As a courtesy while navigating these stressful and confusing covid times as both a business owner, and you as a (potential) client, I am letting all of our clients who are interested in booking their wedding dates in 2021 know that regardless of covid restrictions, down payments are always non-refundable and are used to cover an array of costs on top of the services provided such as studio rent, advertising fees, administrative assistant fees, bills, etc. 


If your wedding date approaches and makeup is still not permitted by law, you will be able to take the makeup portion of the down payment and put it towards the balance of the hair services. If you need to reschedule your wedding for a second time, there will be a $50 non-taxable administration fee in order for us to complete the contract and update the invoice. Please keep an eye out on the Government Website for zoning restrictions in the Niagara Region for beauty services as we may not have had the chance to update you with the information you need yet:


Grey zone = no hair/makeup allowed by law

Red zone = no makeup allowed by law - hairstyling permitted

Orange zone = no makeup below the mask allowed by law - makeup above the mask and hairstyling allowed

Yellow/Green zones = all hairstyling and makeup is permitted by law


I think it’s important as a wedding vendor to be transparent and keep our clients in the loop with these changes in order for you to make the right decision when it comes to booking vendors for your special day! We appreciate the grace and empathy you've provided us while we try our best to navigate these changes. We are far from perfect and are doing our best to stay on top of the changes we're being faced with on a weekly basis. We apologize for any inconveniences. 


Thanks so much in advance! - Paje and the Honor Beauty Team  

Covid Updates: